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Cuda Application
What is Cuda?
NVIDIA® CUDATM is a general purpose parallel computing architecture that leverages the parallel compute engine in NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) to solve many complex computational problems in a fraction of the time required on a CPU. It includes the CUDA Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and the parallel compute engine in the GPU. To program to the CUDATM architecture, developers can, today, use C, one of the most widely used high-level programming languages, which can then be run at great performance on a CUDATM enabled processor.

Applications we have developed

HD Video Enhancer - 1920x1080 HD video filtering application. Making extensive use of multiple pass DCT/IDCT based algorithms. Based on original NVIDIA SDK example which runs 30 times faster than CPU version, we increased this by an order of magnitude on a single GPU implementation. Multi GPU support pushed this still further.

Ongoing data mining assignment split over multiple, multi-gpu nodes, processing terabytes of data. Actively seeking further projects.

Check out Morgan Kaufmann for our book to be publish November 2012.

CUDA Programming - A Developers guide to parallel computing with GPUs by Shane Cook ()

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Shane Cook
Technical Lead, MBA
Based in UK / Germany
CUDA Expert
Dr. Basu
PhD Parallel Processing
Maths Consultant
Low level programming
Translator & Admin.
Marketing & Sales
Video Codec Expert
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NVIDIA Achieves Monumental Folding @ Home Milestone...

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NVIDIA CUDA Technology Dramatically Advances The Pace Of Scientific Research

SETI, GPUGRID and Einstein Home projects...

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NVIDA CUDA Delivers 446% increase to Pegasys Video

Video Package TMPGEnc releases CUDA enabled product.

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